Wednesday, August 13, 2008



Speckledpup said...

I met Sugar Lips at church. We've known each other a couple of years. We didn't really like each other that much but worked together on a team at church and spent a lot of time together. Gradually we became friends and just hung out some, but never any sparks, until just recently. And thats when I believe that the timing was just right and God smacked us both and said "look what's right in front of you". It was almost a mutual timing.
I knew he was the one when I was praying and felt totally "right" with everything---his baggage, my baggage...all of it. It was all okay.
And yes, I'm with very much so.
Except for this hickey he put on my neck last night...dear lord!!
Is he ever in trouble for that.

Shelli said...

I met Jason in 10th grade biology class. He said when he saw me the very first time he knew that I was going to play an important part in his life. It took me longer. I remember when I knew that he would be an important part of mine after we had flirted and wrote notes back and forth for a few weeks. The moment happened when he was passing me in the commons (locker area) and he grabbed my arm. I actually felt electrified. I know it sounds foolish and highschoolish to say that we were in love from then on, but I think we did have a love then that has just grown more special and beautiful as time has gone on. We have had our troubles, but they make you stronger, I think.

Oh, yeah, we're still together. ;)